I dream of you, I dream of us.

In this darkness, I dream of you and I dream of us,
Our bond is a building and the pillar is trust.
Don’t wake me up, let the dream come true,
Before, I was living for myself, now I wish to live for you.

You came in my fantasy and progressed towards me,
My eyes stuck to you, rest nothing I could see.
We gazed at each other, our lips stretched to smile,
We paused for an instant and stood together for a while.

Your hands touched mine, my hands perceieved it,
My extreme contentment reflected bit by bit.
You came forth and then held my waist,
I blushed one side, on the other my heartbeats raced.

I discerned your breath and your whispers in my ear, 
Your lips met mine and I lost my fear.
The taste of whom I love, defrosted my heart,
Now finally I was acquainted why love is called an art.

You kissed my scarlet cheeks and held my hands tight,
My eyes contemplated you as the most beautiful sight.
Now, I promise you to make our love surplus,
Because in this darkness, I dream of you and I dream of us.


It Hurts…

It hurts…I wish I could say that all.. I wish I could tell you that how much I miss you when on every frequent night, tears constantly roll down my eyes. When I just bite my fingers and put my head on the pillow so as to be silent while crying..When I think of a million things while watching your pictures but couldn’t say it. While all that hurts me is kept aside and the thought of your smile matters the most. When I send “😊” this but feel broken, torn , wilted inside. When I say goodbye and wipe off my tears and you reciprocate the same without love. When you don’t understand that bidding you farewell wasn’t actually meant for my sleep but to control the flood of emotions running down in a series of cascade at that point of time. When I console myself with few wise words “Everything will be alright” but again find myself getting down into the steep of a strange dark world. That slideshow of your photographs with my playlist being the sole companion gives birth to the thoughts focusing on the lyrics(unfortunately).But I wish..I wish If you had stopped me once and said “Don’t  go ,we’ll fix it together“.I wish If you would have understood the story behind my broken pieces. I wish they could also shout your name and scream just like my pain does..Just like my heart does.

Come let’s hear her out.

I was twelve years old,

Yet strong and bold.

But my weakness divulged again,

After the moment i was being sold.

“Fifty Thousand”, he said,

He agreed and they moved ahead.

I cried inside out a profusion,

All I knew was that I’ll be dead. 

He threw me towards the wall,

“We’ll enjoy today”, I heard him on a call.

With a petrifying smile they all came closer,

A raped girl was born out of a father’s doll.

Each scar was red with a blood stain,

Those fearsome memories lead to an increase in my pain.

But I remembered the words of my deceased mother,

“A girl will mever give up”, and then I got up again.

These words from my diary now wish to shout,

Closing my chapter remain with a doubt.

“Will anyone ever cast an eye on my story?”

Nevermind, you come and just hear me out. 

How Long?

The Eos of dawning fled away,
The Hesperus of twilight vanished in the grey.
This darkness means nothing in the world, but a black stain,
How long will it take for them to return back again.

Thos limpid raindrops have turned tainted in a while,
The soaring splashes seem to decline covering a mile.
Today I stand here on the sea-shore, waiting for the rain,
How long will it take for my paper boat to reach its owner again?

The cheer of pure happiness has ceased somewhere in the air,
Do you remember the grins on our face during the fun fair?
I wish those laughs could be heared just the same.
How long will it take for my childhood to hit me again?

I know these questions will be left unanswered as before.
Still, here I am, sending one more letter to your door.
I miss “Us” and the times we went on just like an insane,
How long will you take Grandpa to reply me from above and call me your “tiger” again.

Femininity = Masculinity

No, I am not here to raise my voice for femininity rather to state that masculinity is no less than feminism. When we talk about girl power it doesn’t mean that all our world revolves around a woman. Predominantly, we don’t consider masculinity as a topic of great discussion. But have you ever questioned why? Do men don’t comprise of the total population?
Femininity isn’t a matter of concern until it comes to the oppressions faced by women. But, is every man a culprit? While talking about feminism, where does the contribution of those men vanish who make you feel safe and affectionate? Yes, it’s a total justice to the voice being raised regarding rape and Eve teasing but its never a justice to sum up the whole masculinity while blaming the only one amongst them.
Imagine if a female does a crime and it results in questioning the whole femininity. Doesn’t sound good, No? Then why does it give you the right to question masculinity? Leaving a person and slandering him with false accusations just by standing behind the bars of *feminism*, ain’t right. You talk about equality. Where does this equality goes when people search for a man earning a slight more than their daughter do? Why do these numerical figure make no difference to your slogan of feminism?
Men don’t raise their voice and slogans for masculinity, not because they can’t rather they know there is still injustice being promoted regarding females.
If they can respect femininity then why can’t we respect masculinity?
When you ask people to stand for justice regarding feminism, then remember, the balance held by The Lady Justice is equal for every Human (irrespective of all prejudices).
So, be a feminist but not an “anti-masculinist”
As a conclusion just remember the wise words said by someone, “Neither every man is a culprit, nor every woman is a victim”


Her saree represented her elegance,
She was the one to walk with confidence.
You tried to grab it all from her,
But it was the ignorance not the allowance.

Her smile represented her attitude,
Just to show her highest altitude.
You tried to kill that to the fullest,
But you were weak against her fortitude.

Her emotions represented her power,
She was as graceful as a dayflower.
You tried to pluck it off from the roots,
But you forgot her strength like a thundershower.

Her walk represented her style,
She was not just extremely fragile.
You tried to rule over her all the time,
But she remained herself than being contractile.

Her eyes represented her sparkle,
She was the one ready to be sprinkle.
You tried to destroy her as much as you could,
But your efforts were nothing only just a freckle❤

“No, we cannot take him in, Sorry.” ,said the receptionist. They all requested, his mother cried, his father begged but no one felt it important to caste an eye upon that case. Doctors came and said, “It’s a serious case, we won’t admit him. Why don’t you prefer anyother hospital, may be they would look forward to it.
As the time was passing by, the condition of the patient was getting worse. His mother was snivelling badly. And as a result 2 hours later his high Blood Pressure resulted into Brain Hemorrhage. When only 1℅ chances were left for him to be alive, the doctors admitted him and started the treatment. But that’s not all, they already told the family beforehand that the lion’s share goes to his death, he won’t return alive.
Now the question arises, Refusal by the doctors for admitting a patient. Isn’t it strange? Why would someone take the bread out of his mouth? Just because it was a critical case, they refused? Secondly, without even examining the patient how can you say that that he’ll die? You studied medical and became a splendid doctor. What for? To leave a person wriggling impatiently? To take a step back from your duties?
After reading this, some of you must have given a thought to these questions and I may sound fake to many of you. But the truth is, it’s a Real Story. 💔