This Day, That Year

This day, that year,

A strange city, a strange fear.

Polished thoughts, contemporary mindset,

A few of glee and a few of regret.
Relocating was never easy, still gathered my hopes,

It was like a head over heals, stepped on slippery slopes.

People were now a vogue version of the old ones I knew,

Some fluttered with the wind, and I was left with a few. 

Morning were dissimilar, nights were not long,

I survived solitary for days, and sang my old songs. 

The city had melodies of today, but i had those of tomorrow,

Yearning for my comfort place, made myself a person of sorrow.
But here and now I am a Part and Parcel of this town,

Made friends like Kith and Kin, who don’t let me go frown.

It was once a strange city, for I had a strange fear,

It happened long back, say, this day, that year

-Ritika Mishra ☘



Stop! The word says it so,

Injustice? Does it hold the potential to grow?

For people break into and people vacate,

Is it reigning over by suppressing justice below?

Misogynist, unjust people often refer,

Gender over justice? Humans often prefer.

The lady balance clutches equality for ones unquestioning it, 

Justice over Gender? Yes, I differ.

Files and cases, lawyers and advocates,

Restricted to this? No, it profoundly innates.

But it’s often mistaken for confinement to the courts,

Living with justice unperceived, injustice perforates. 

Not a game of verses but of truth gospel,

‘In’ plus ‘justice’, that’s how they spell.

Don’t concur to be this ‘in’ for the word justice,

For the truth inevitably triumphs, even when you don’t compel. 

-Ritika Mishra

Image courtesy – Saksham Amarya @rangbaaz1408 

An Obscene Marriage

It was a chilly winter morning, standing next to her bed, gazing at the sun, her hands were rolling on her scars. The scars of lust which was given by her husband last night when she was brutally beaten. “Good Morning sweetheart”, it was her husband’s voice. She wiped her tears, hid her scars and turned towards him smiling. Somehow she moulded herself into these scenarios because for her parents, “Divorce” was much consequential than their daughter. 

No sooner did his husband leave than she began to do her household work. Evening, at round about 8 p.m, engrossed in her thoughts, she was walking down the lane towards the market while she heard some footsteps. She turned and saw a shadow under that bright street lamp. She held herself back and started running. Suddenly, four men surrounded her with masks on their face. They came closer, held her hands, tied her mouth, grabbed her face, took her to a deserted corner and laid her down. She could feel their hands entering beneath her clothes. Wriggling with fear and pain, she tried to shout and shut them up but those hands didn’t stop. While two of them almost clenched her face, the last one revealed his personality. She turned pale, because it was her husband who was eagerly waiting to have her taste with his friends. They pulled off her clothes, forced her, licked her and finally raped and murdered her. The moon, the stars and that deserted corner witnessed her dead, naked and exposed.

It was then, when a father realised that the value of a daughter is much more than the word “Divorce” and dim view of this society. He was numb because he never thought of an obscene marriage turning  into a dreadful death.

-Ritika Mishra

Image source : Google 

Love is a beautiful feeling, never confine it. 

To the people who complain about love,

What is love? Can you define it? No? Okay.. Yes? Sorry, in that case you never felt it. Next question, Can you restrict your love to a single person or thing? If yes, then you must be having no friends or family, right? Because love is not something to be confined. This 4 letter word doesn’t revolve around a girlfriend, life partner or a boyfriend rather it is something that happens to be a *Give and take process.* Now pause, when I mention it this way, then it’s not mandatory to receive this love in return from the same person to whom you granted. *Love* is just like *happiness*, you provide it to some one and it comes back around by some other one. This fondness of love can be perceiced from anyone, may it be amongst your friends or family. Love is not something to run after, it will take it’s own time to approach you. 

Moreover, people abandon love when it depicts it’s inferior side and on the other hand they tend to come forth when it provides them gaiety. Now my last question to you, when you love a person, you accept their faults and flaws, right? Then why don’t you do the same with the flaws of love? Why do you escape from it? Accept them as well and believe me, the day you will start welcoming those, a ray of hope will strike your life thereby providing you a strong will power to stand by your better half through tough times. So, love the way *love* knocks your door. “Never let your affection to confine within the bars of an individual and you won’t get deprived of it.” *LOVE REVOLVE AROUND RELATIONS, NOT A RELATIONSHIP* ☘

 -Ritika Mishra

Man sexually assaults newly born puppies

You must have heard about Child Abuse. Right? But did you ever hear about Puppies getting abused? Yeah! It sounds quite weird and strange but today, this stands true for the real life. 

6 days ago, a news headline said – “Man sexually assaults newly born.” It wasn’t shocking for me until I heard the whole news which said – “A man sexually assaults newly born puppies.” According to the news, this person did this shameful act in Chennai’s Madhavaram area, on Thursday. These 15 days old puppies lived in an empty plot nearby the house of the woman who alleged and filed the complaint against him. This sick culprit went there, unzipped his pants and sexually assaulted those little lives.

Now for an instance, imagine your 15 months old child instead of those puppies. Scared with the thought? If this had happened with a human kid, people would have killed him. But because this was a matter of animals, police didn’t even bother to look after this case and find that person even after having the CCTV camera recordings. Those little one’s also have a mother like your child does. Just because of the fact that they cannot speak, scream and shout like us, doesn’t mean we own the right to overpower their lives. If sexually harrassing or assaulting a woman, a child and most importantly a human, is wrong then my dear, performing such disgraceful acts with the animals is also equally erroneous. People say, “Stop being an animal, behave like a human.” Today I would like to change this statement – “Stop being inhuman like a human and have some humanity like an animal.” “If you cannot give life to someone then you have no right to take it as well.”

-Ritika Mishra

Image source : The News Minute.

Life of a Pet

From the day you bought me, to the date today,

You being my keeper, never allowed be to stray.
Your unconstrained love, was my vigour always,
Still my eyes look for you outside your own doorway.

From that crunchy cookie, to that soft pancake,
Each gesture depicted that you would never forsake.
My gaiety got doubled everytime with you,
But these notions were nothing, just a naive mistake.

From the day you left, to the day I did,
Between your wishes and aspirations, I stood amid.
I miss those hands rolling over my pelage,
Please take me back and make me your baby kid.

From the day I felt silence, to the day I felt blare,
These brawls and disturbances now  make me scare.
With a desire to wag my tail once again for you,
I urge you to hold me up with the same care.

From the day you remembered, to the day you’ll forget,
You’ll see my eyes twinkling but not the tears which beset.
You got engaged with your fantasies as you tossed me away,
You won’t ever know how it feels to have
Life of a Pet

Ritika Mishra

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I dream of you, I dream of us.

In this darkness, I dream of you and I dream of us,
Our bond is a building and the pillar is trust.
Don’t wake me up, let the dream come true,
Before, I was living for myself, now I wish to live for you.

You came in my fantasy and progressed towards me,
My eyes stuck to you, rest nothing I could see.
We gazed at each other, our lips stretched to smile,
We paused for an instant and stood together for a while.

Your hands touched mine, my hands perceieved it,
My extreme contentment reflected bit by bit.
You came forth and then held my waist,
I blushed one side, on the other my heartbeats raced.

I discerned your breath and your whispers in my ear, 
Your lips met mine and I lost my fear.
The taste of whom I love, defrosted my heart,
Now finally I was acquainted why love is called an art.

You kissed my scarlet cheeks and held my hands tight,
My eyes contemplated you as the most beautiful sight.
Now, I promise you to make our love surplus,
Because in this darkness, I dream of you and I dream of us.

It Hurts…

It hurts…I wish I could say that all.. I wish I could tell you that how much I miss you when on every frequent night, tears constantly roll down my eyes. When I just bite my fingers and put my head on the pillow so as to be silent while crying..When I think of a million things while watching your pictures but couldn’t say it. While all that hurts me is kept aside and the thought of your smile matters the most. When I send “😊” this but feel broken, torn , wilted inside. When I say goodbye and wipe off my tears and you reciprocate the same without love. When you don’t understand that bidding you farewell wasn’t actually meant for my sleep but to control the flood of emotions running down in a series of cascade at that point of time. When I console myself with few wise words “Everything will be alright” but again find myself getting down into the steep of a strange dark world. That slideshow of your photographs with my playlist being the sole companion gives birth to the thoughts focusing on the lyrics(unfortunately).But I wish..I wish If you had stopped me once and said “Don’t  go ,we’ll fix it together“.I wish If you would have understood the story behind my broken pieces. I wish they could also shout your name and scream just like my pain does..Just like my heart does.

Come let’s hear her out.

I was twelve years old,

Besides strong and bold

But my weakness divulged again,

After the second I was being sold.

“Fifty Thousand”, he said,

My father agreed and they moved ahead.

I cried inside and out a profusion,

All I knew was that I’ll be dead. 

He threw me towards the wall,

“We’ll enjoy today”, I heard him on a call.

With a petrifying smile they all came closer,

A raped girl took birth out of a father’s doll.

They held my face, scratched my waist,

And waited for a while to have my taste.

I could feel his breath near my right ear,

He whispered, “Today I’ll take away your chaste “

Those fingers over my skin rolled up and down,

I turned pale and my face turned frown.

My body shivered, my hands trembled,

My soul sank but the courage didn’t drown.

Each scar was red with a blood stain,

Those fearsome memories lead to an increase in my pain.

But I recalled  the words of my deceased mother,

“A girl won’t give up on her life”, and then I got up again.

These verses from my diary now wish to shout,

Locking this phase, remain with a doubt.

“Will anyone ever cast an eye on my story?”

Nevertheless, you can come hear and hear me out. 

How Long?

The Eos of dawning fled away,
The Hesperus of twilight vanished in the grey.
This darkness means nothing in the world, but a black stain,
How long will it take for them to return back again.

Thos limpid raindrops have turned tainted in a while,
The soaring splashes seem to decline covering a mile.
Today I stand here on the sea-shore, waiting for the rain,
How long will it take for my paper boat to reach its owner again?

The cheer of pure happiness has ceased somewhere in the air,
Do you remember the grins on our face during the fun fair?
I wish those laughs could be heared just the same.
How long will it take for my childhood to hit me again?

I know these questions will be left unanswered as before.
Still, here I am, sending one more letter to your door.
I miss “Us” and the times we went on just like an insane,
How long will you take Grandpa to reply me from above and call me your “tiger” again.